Mio & Minna

Yesterday, my friend Madelene, her husband Ding & I, went to visit the new member of the Löfling family.

I have told you about Mio already who is turning 3 years old in March. Two weeks ago, he got a baby sister:


Frida had made all kinds of yummy cookies, Andreas took some time off work for a cup of coffee, Ding was video recording as usual, Madde and I fell in love with little Minna and Mio wanted to show us his room and his new toys.

While sitting there in Mio’s room with toys all over the floor, Frida breastfeeding Minna and Madde and I reading stories to Mio, Frida said;

Can you believe we turn 30 soon?

It doesn’t feel long ago we were 12 biking home from school together, 14 dressing up in costumes and going to parties and 20 becoming young women.

And I hope we will still be friends when we are old ladies of 85.