Reason & Rhyme (Why & How)

Soft snow is falling again. I am happy.

I didn’t like the icy crust that had formed over the snow, the sharp edges and the black pebbles that stained the street. Although necessary to keep us from slipping I prefer it like this, white and pure. At least a little longer.

I just seem to prefer the fluffy side of things.

Which is why I find it hard to focus on all the paperwork I need to do, when there is poetry, music and conversations that I’d much rather indulge in.

But I know that there are things in life we must simply do, even when we don’t feel inspired to.

And if we are motivated enough to trust that it will enrich our lives in the long run, give us the freedom to indulge in poetry and music, or bring new people to our lives that we can have interesting conversations with, that can contribute to our actions.

There needs to be a rhyme as much as a reason to what we do.

I found my coach through an explanation he had made on the difference between motivation and inspiration and a few months later, our “paths” crossed and now a road has emerged that is much wider and interesting than I had imagined.

A possibility of a co-operation and a completely new work challenge has come up.

I know WHY this is what I want to commit to.

And I am hoping with each step on the way, by adding my own rhyme to the things I do,

I will make out HOW.

Besides, you never need to know HOW, as (the laws of) The Universe, so kindly reminded me:

Has “you not knowing how,” Helen, ever stopped me before?

Has “you not knowing the way,” ever kept it hidden from me?

Has “you not knowing when,” ever stopped me from figuring it out?