Riding the thoughts tornado

There’s a snowstorm raging outside.

Casts of snow whirls up in my face and blurry my sight as I’m trying to see where I’m going…

Meanwhile an emotional storm is stirring inside, because my focus seem to shift and sway between brilliant dreams and bills that needs to be paid.

I am trying so hard and thinking so much, that it seems with each new idea the storm catches new speed and the tornado is growing into this huge spiraling question mark with me in the middle, ready to be thrown out somewhere random soon.

It’s a process I need to go through.

Just hoping that I will land on both feet.

I am waiting on a crucial decision and things are taking longer than my patience allow, and I’m starting to worry because if this doesn’t fall through I will be back where I was nearly six months ago.

Ok, maybe six weeks, but still.

I need to remind myself that I am on some kind of track and that the forks in the road just make the journey more exciting.

So if you see someone spiraling down the road…wave me good luck!