the old lady with the emerald green eyes looked at me;

so what say you child about the expansion of the Universe?

tell me, what do you see?

I see..

a color spectrum of circumstances

scattered, but held by an inexplicable design

gems of space, jewels of time,

a myriad of possibilities down the line


with a tilt, what once was a flower

becomes the shape of a star;

mesmerized by the illusion

that anything is far



the Universe is expanding

at a speed outside my understanding

but beauty is elusive


the slightest change of direction

a minor movement of will

a single droplet of dreams

and the patchwork is bound to burst

at the seams


* The first part is actually a true story, and the second part was inspired by my Italian kaleidoscope. I don’t know if the parts actually belong together or if this poem is even done. It has a few alternative versions but I’ll leave it as it is for now.