The coach that never left the station


I feel I have written enough fuzzy blog posts about what I’m feeling, vaguely even touching on the subject on what I’m doing.

Even now, I have no idea what I want to write or say, but somehow, I need to get this out of my system. Bear with me.

It turns out the business deal I got from my life coach in November, the stuff I have been planning for the last three months won’t be happening this year.

My coach and I got a great connection during the three months he was coaching me and I also met his wife. It was an interesting meeting to which I had to hitch-hike, and we met in a hotel lobby in my home town, to which she had traveled.

With the risk of sounding fluffy again, I reflected a lot in her, almost as if I saw pieces of myself. Either way, she was good energy all around which only confirmed that this business deal to become a part of her expanding network, a franchisee if you will, provided that I registered my own company, felt 100% right.

People were encouraging and said I would fit perfectly as a job coach; guiding and motivating people in their job searching process, helping them sharpen their CV’s and applications, provide interview-training and presentation techniques. Yeah, I do think I could have been a good resource.

I was excited about the possibility to work for myself, with the support of the coach couple. I was open to all the things I’d learn along the way and I was ready to put other plans on hold.

It also had great prospects financially, and was somewhat of a safe deal because job coaching in Sweden has been funded by the Swedish government through the unemployment agencies. This meant that already with a few clients I could be sure to have a normal income, a possibility not many people first starting up a business have.

I was given an opportunity to get on a train that was full steam ahead.

But then New Years came. And with it, new political decisions. 900 job coaches in Sweden were dismissed and because it had been a political initiative from the new government, the opposition had to label it wrong and media was quick to catch on.

Someone had put brake pads on the train.

I waited for almost two months for a decision from the unemployment agency whether I could start working or not. But even now, no one seems to know where the train is going and I am starting to realize that the timing isn’t right, that I’m stuck at the station.

So here I am checking the board again…where to?

Ironically, I have written about trains many times in the past.

I have written about being on a train, åka tåg, catching trains, the peace trainthe train of moods and even the sensation of sliding doors.

Should I begin to see a pattern?