#36. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

Artist: Lykke Li

Album: Wounded Rhymes

Released: 2nd March 2011

Country: Sweden

Web: Lykke Li Website Album Site Pitchfork Interview Expressen 5 getingar

Favourite tracks: Youth Knows No Pain, I Follow Rivers, Love Out Of Lust, Get Some, Rich Kid Blues, I Know Places, Jerome

Lykke Li’s debut album three years ago was a breath of fresh air.

Her second album blows up a storm!

The tornado pulls you in from the first note of “Youth Knows No Pain”, continue to tease your senses with “I Follow Rivers” stirs you heart with “Love Out Of Lust” and messes your mind up with “Get Some”. It is a stimulating, powerful and emotional trip, promising bruises and heartache while Lykke Li is shouting:


“c’mon honey blow yourself to pieces, c’mon honey give yourself completely”