Light has returned to this side of the world.

The sun lingers on the horizon a little longer each evening and soon nights will be bright, and warmth will start to fill the air again.

It’s been a long cold winter.

And I don’t know if it’s the symbolism of the season or just my romantic idea of progress, but I like to think that I have gone through something this winter, and that now, perfectly aligned with the first days of spring, I have reached insight.

(Yes. I do this every year)

So what took six dark months to realize?

Well, first of all, I had the opportunity to think about what I want from life. I put together a vision board with images of the surroundings where I see myself living in the future, the atmosphere of the places I want to visit, the kind of work I see myself doing, love I imagine present in my life. Call it fuzzy but it’s no different from any other mental picture you have, positive or negative, big or small, about what you wish, want, hope or dread, will happen in your life.

A vision board is like a print screen of your mind computer’s hopes and dreams, as you imagine them right now.

I also found a note board with the world map on which I put tiny little post-its on places I want to visit and experiences I want to have. Like hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, stay at an Ashram in India, climb Himalaya and sky dive in New Zealand.

To remind myself of the greatness that have already occurred in my life, I also put notes on places I have been too, and experiences I have had, like learning Italian and living in Rome, diving by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, jumping the world’s highest bridge bungy in South Africa and watching the most stunning starry sky in Moçambique while swimming in the equally sparkling ocean.

I see myself travelling a lot more in the coming years but here’s what I have realized lately:

This dream of travelling has run over all my ambition to work and attend to any professional career.

I can’t even remember what I wanted five years ago when I chose to study tourism and service management but I think it had something to do with eco-tourism production and marketing.

And the fact that we had the world’s most beautiful school yard.

I ended up working in Stockholm with corporate events and then onto an online travel agency in Cape Town.

And then I got lost…

Now, two years later, looking at the pictures and words I have put on my vision board I seem more drawn to creative writing, copywriting, graphic design, layout, communication and life coaching…but I haven’t studied or put any serious practice into any of these areas.

My focus up until this point has been to go abroad again, but I haven’t had the means to. And because I haven’t been updating my knowledge and skills, I now find myself in a position where I don’t want the jobs I am competent for. Whatever it is I am competent for.

I am stuck.

Hence the decision to study again.

I can’t believe I only thought about this a few weeks ago, unfortunately two days after the last application date for university summer classes. But either way, I will start doing research on programs, courses, international schools and exchange studies.

I don’t know if I’ll study this fall or next spring, but I know I will need to work hard this summer, with whatever job I can get, and seriously save money.

Now that I have so many dreams to fulfill!