Easter egg filled with L♥VE

My Easter egg was filled with so many great moments, so much sweetness and so many smiles!

It came beaming with 23 degrees and sunshine. It had the fragrance of spring, the image of budding trees and the sound of chirping birds.

The feeling of happiness!

It has been an amazing weekend and I couldn’t have wished for a better closure to this chapter, the “mid-landing” at my mom’s in Hudiksvall that lasted for more than half a year.

All the great people that have stuck out this winter with me came together this weekend.

There was the Löfling family and Mio helping out with the new sandbox…

There were great Easter dinners with my own family and celebrating grandpa’s birthday.

There were awesome spring bike rides.

There were housewarming parties…

And hanging outside, just because you finally can.

Catching up with high school friends.

Old room mates.

And best friends that save your ten year old Italian postcards.

There was a sweet marshmallow barbeque.

And chilling with my brother and our friends.

Watching the most beautiful sunset over Hudiksvall.

And coming home to the last (for a while) picture of my mother and the cat, in perfect agreement.

Tomorrow Stockholm. But now, it is time for bed.

Goodnight! 🙂