I have been here two weeks now.

And for two weeks I have felt absolutely amazing.

I had forgotten what it feels like to be so much at ease. In fact, sometimes I catch myself thinking that there must be something I should think about…but then I realize that I thought enough all those long hours last winter.

Oslo feels like a spot between the old and the new somehow.

And while working to catch up on the practical things in life, there is time to make new friends, smile, kick back and enjoy the simplicity of living.

Summer means fresh green freedom…

and the scent of bird cherry and lilac.

Although to me, this translates to hägg och syrén, which reminds me of home and actually, sometimes I forget that I am in Norway because it is like Sweden, except with a slight different twist to the language and the fact that around this time of year, every graduation kid is wearing Norwegian flag-coloured overalls. Apparently it’s a tradition.

I feel so much at home that I almost forget that my best friends aren’t just around the corner.

But in a way they still are, because no one is ever further away than a phone call or a quick update on a chat. And when Madelene tells me she got into the photography course at the school outside Hudiksvall, my friend Micke is going to study in L.A and Lorena has got a new job prospect in Cape Town I feel like everyone is moving in their own direction.

“We are both in a happy space” Lorena said yesterday night.

“Yeah, I agreed. We are together in Happyland”

And then we listened to the song together

and rocked it out in two complete

opposite corners of the world.