Under the rainbow

There has been a beautiful light over the city for the last couple of evenings, and tonight at 9.30, just before the sun was about to set, the sky decided to liberate a load of rain, which created a stunning rainbow over the rooftops of my building block.

I was out walking and just to celebrate I decided to treat myself a delicious chocolate ice cream from Deli de Luca – called Chocolate Lover – so now me and my lover are in bed and will spend this chilled Friday night together.

The rainbow has disappeared and Mr Moon is emerging in the night.

My friend Bibi asked me earlier, as regard to my previous blog posts, why she just couldn’t stay in Happyland all the time. I told her it’s like the weather…first there is sun then rain, and we are bound to change, just as we are nature.

Maybe rainbows are the perfect illustration

of all colours and conditions

happening at the same time?

Anyhow, the question is: where can one always find happiness?

Click on the link for the right answer.

Goodnight beautiful people! 🙂