Good enough for now

Sunday morning and I’m off to meet a friend before work.

I work every day this week and haven’t had much time to catch up with people or my laundry, which is a bigger problem because we have lost the key to the laundry room so I have to knock on one of the neighbours doors. But definitely not the neighbors down stairs because they woke me up at 4 a.m yesterday morning having violent sex, including hitting, spanking and screaming something about being the Hulk, to the point that I yelled out from my window to theirs that if they didn’t shut up I would call the police. “Don’t call the police” said a small voice before she closed the window. I felt like such a grumpy old lady when I decided to get up, make myself some coffee and read the morning paper. It was 2 hours before I had to go to work anyway.

I like my new job. I like the informal and friendly atmosphere. I like most guests and I like my colleagues.

There’s the sweet Norwegian girls in the front desk, there’s the funny housekeeping staff: Joseph from Zimbabwe, Jorge from Spain, Lemmi from Tanzania and people from places like Poland, China and Rumania. There is Maria that works at the Loft with whom I speak Italian and there’s the staff from the two restaurants, the Swedish chefs and managers, the buzz from the bar at night.

I like Oslo a lot which is good enough.

Good enough for now.