Heja Norge!

On the 17th of May, Norway celebrated their National Day.

Although they celebrate independence from Sweden I was happy to wave the Norwegian flag cheer on the parade and watch the beautiful national costumes that everyone was wearing.

The relationship between Sweden and Norway can be compared to that of siblings and the small differences in our culture and language makes for great jokes and friendly bickering.

But in the end I think we’re all good friends.

Last week, the hotel I work at teamed up with another hotel within Choice Hotels (one the biggest hotel chains in Scandinavia) and joined Holmenkollstafetten, the worlds biggest relay race that runs through the streets of Oslo.

We were one of 2310 teams and 33 800 participants. It was a beautiful day and the spirits were high…

..and bubbly! 15 minutes before the start we were toasting champagne in our flat.

Which apparently worked well because we came first among the team of most ladies, and got a trophy at the banquet that night from Petter Stordalen; CEO of Choice Hotels and Norway’s 4th richest person.

It was the biggest trophy i had ever got.