Time is on my side, time to smile

Lately, I seem to have so much time.

Now, I still have my equal share of 24 hours a day like everyone else, but we all know time is a relative experience. And because there is so much space in my life at the moment, it seems that time stretches accordingly.

I work full time, but because I work two different shifts: 7-15 or 15-23, it feels like I have a whole afternoon off when I finish early and the days I start late I can get so much done before work. Of course, sleep patterns get a little mixed up when I finish late, when I go out or get home early, but I’m the kind of person who can reset with a 30 minutes powernap.

I don’t need to spend time on public transport as everything is within walking distance plus there are free city bikes outside my door. I don’t need an awful lot these days so I spend neither time nor money on shopping. I don’t waste time worrying about what the future will bring.

What’s interesting is that when I wasn’t working I didn’t experience having a lot of time. Actually, I felt the complete opposite; a constant stress over choices that had to be made and a conflict between settling things for myself and pleasing others.

When the pointers of our inner clocks are spinning in every direction it seems we lose focus on the only thing that truly matters;

the Here and Now.

Time Is On My Side

and Times They Are A-Changin

so you got to Let The Good Times Roll

and make Time to Smile. 🙂