Perfect Saturday

Perfect Saturday morning.

I woke up from the sound of rain outside my window. I put my gumboots on and walked to Café Laundromat, the America inspired café where you can have your laundry washed while you’re crouched down in a couch eating American pancakes and surfing the net.

Maria, who works extra at my hotel, had just finished her morning shift cleaning the tables and greeted me at the door. Her son Sergio is the chef and came out with pancakes and coffee and later Maria’s grandson Erik arrived with the baby sitter Tommaso.

I had brought gym clothes as SATS Bislett is just down the street but with little Erik being so adorable and the conversations in Italian with Maria and Tommaso being too pleasant, time flew by, as Jimi Hendrix was playing my favourite song in the background:

Fly on my sweet angel…

I just got a text massage from work asking me to come in earlier.

Plans change and so I’ll pack a new bag and bring some make-up to work instead. Friends of mine are staying at the hotel and I’ll probably join them at a club later.

There is still hope for the perfect Saturday night.