Yes Man!

Have you seen the movie “Yes Man” when Jim Carrey persistently says “Yes” to everything?

Well, lately I’ve been saying Yes!

I am invited to a party after work and I say yes.

I am asked out for dinner and I agree.

I am offered a free ticket to Bon Jovi, show starts in 2 hours and I accept.

Life becomes so much more exciting when you let it happen, when you let in, when you let go.

Now, I’m not a Bon Jovi fan so I wouldn’t have paid for a ticket, but I had fun and met some nice people. But I actually left before the last song.

What I’m really looking forward to though, is the Foo Fighters concert in Stockholm on Wednesday, supported by the always so great Band of Horses. I bought the ticket four months ago, before I knew I was moving to Oslo, so although they play here too, I was hoping to catch them in Stockholm together with some of my best friends.

The fact that it’s the same week as the midsummer’s celebration made me more eager to go home.

I worked five weekends in a row, 6 days a week, changed shifts and managed to arrange a whole week off, leaving for Stockholm straight after work tomorrow Sunday, and coming back straight to work next Monday.


The more I think about it, the more I realize that I miss Stockholm, that it’s been the place I’ve called home for ten years, during so many different chapters of my life.

I have a few days to catch up with friends, cut my hair (which is half price to Norway), do some shopping and just walk the familiar streets again, before I take the train to Rättvik, Dalarna to celebrate the Midsummer’s weekend.

This year we are about fifteen people celebrating at my dad’s.

My grandma and her husband have just moved in next door and in my dad’s part of the house there are three bedrooms, a large living room, a loft and a kitchen. Somehow he has agreed to let everyone stay over for the weekend; himself and his girlfriend, her daughter, two friends of theirs, me, my brother and his girlfriend, my sister and two-three friends of ours.

I asked him if there was space for everyone and he said we’d make it work somehow.

My dad is a Yes Man!