Power cut

Back in Oslo, in my own bed.

The window is open and lets the cool night air into my room.

I caught a bus early Monday morning from Rättvik and 9 long, bumpy hours later I was in Oslo. I didn’t see any of the landscape, I barely remember getting off to change buses. I just slept and slept, even with Foo Fighters blazing in my headphones. I was so beat.

I went straight to work, got changed and put on mascara. I felt weary and had a stomach ache but I thought it was just from overindulging on the Midsummer buffet. I didn’t think I’d get urgently sick a few hours later, having to excuse myself in front of hotel guests and rush to the toilet.

I took a taxi home and continued to throw up for the next 24 hours, in between slumbering and turning in stomach cramps. To make things worse our power was cut off because someone hadn’t paid the bills or whatever.

I couldn’t care, I spent the next days in obscurity anyway.

But today is Friday and power is back in all implications.

1st of July and I’m excited to see what this summer in Norway will bring.