Piloxing, Pilates, Parties and People

I just came back from Ashtanga yoga class, held by an Indian, quite attractive, young man.

Relax your body and surrender to your breath, he repeated with a soothing and set voice.

I was busy trying to keep my balance with my knee bent up to my face, both my arms curled behind my back and my neck craned to the other side, trying to focus on my breath while holding the gaze on the tip of my nose.

My thighs and ass were aching from yesterday’s Zumba class.

Wednesday: Piloxing.

Thursday: Pilates.

Weekend: Random parties, meeting people.

After last week’s late-night-and-lavishness I decided to create a good routine this week with work, training and enough sleep, at least during the weekdays. There isn’t much summer spirit since the weather is bad, so I might just save myself for August when three friends are visiting.

Speaking of friends…

It’s Frida’s birthday today and I miss her and her lovely family. I miss a lot of people actually but I’m also making new friends and I know whenever I leave this place, wherever I go, it’s them I will miss. It’s just how it is.

But you never know what roles people play in your life.

I’m amazed by the circumstances and coincidences that arise when you appreciate and prioritize good relationships.

Years can go by and people you’ve only met briefly show up in your life and you become really close, or friends from old places re-appear and suddenly the different chapters of your life emerge into one amazing story;

Your life.

I didn’t know I would live with Charlotte, whom I barely hung out with when I studied in Båstad and I didn’t know that Louise, from our same class, would show up here in Oslo on Saturday and invite me to have dinner with her boyfriend and his sister, in a family penthouse they borrowed for the weekend.

Her boyfriend who’s a pilot is applying for jobs in Norway and they both want to come live in Oslo. No one would be happier than me if they did.

Anna from my home town, whom I really only spent time with once in Greece ten years ago, but that I have a lot in common with, is here in Oslo working for two months and Malin, also from back home, lives here since four years. There are a few others as well, but my point is that friendship isn’t restricted to time and place.

It’s what you carry with you.

It’s what carries you.