I ♥ Oslo (just a little more)

There is a thunderstorm over Oslo right now.

As if the last day’s pressure has been too hard the sky seems to want to rip apart and release all its tears and fury.

It feels like it’s been days already since the explosion, the shooting and the chaos, but it was actually just 30 hours ago.

I had just come to work when the explosion happened.

30 min earlier and I could have walked on that street. Actually, the night before I had strolled just by there, eating a scoop of passion fruit ice cream.

The hotel I work at is just two blocks from Regeringskvartalet so the blast shook our entire building. Me and Elin both ran out on the street; what the hell was that?!

And then the reports came.

I worked until midnight trying to calm down worried guests, answering phone calls, re-scheduling bookings and watching the online news.

Family and friends were calling to check on me so I had my cell phone right with me in the front desk. Just before midnight when I got off my shift I realized that my phone was gone. Now, I don’t want to blame one of our guests, they are usually wonderful people, but there were only hotel guests around that night. Both the restaurant and the bar was closed. Obviously, I was stupid to leave my phone unattended but where is the sense of humanity?

It was late, the streets were shut down, my room mate Charlotte had gone to Sweden and I didn’t want to sleep alone without a phone so I stayed over at the hotel, and started work again at 7 this morning.

When I got back home at 4 this afternoon I fell asleep to the sound of rain.

When I woke up the clouds were clearing up and the air was balmy and beautiful.

I decided to go out for a walk. And I walked for 2,5 hours.

From St Hanshaugen where I live to the pretty old streets of Damstredet and Telthusbakken, through Grünerløkka and Grønland down to the Opera House, and along Karl Johan to the National Theater. Behind the Theatre a lady with a guitar was singing beautiful, hopeful songs.

– Life goes on, she said, and I know because I’ve been through a lot.

– But life is still beautiful and worth living.

Maybe too soon for all those families that suffer from loss right now, but I walked home and loved this city just a little more.