Roadtrip n’ pics

Last weekend me and a friend rented a convertible car and drove down the coast from Oslo to Kristiansand. A distance of 320 kilometers so we calculated about 3,5 hours of driving. But this is Norway with its renowned mountains and fjords. And tunnels. It took more than 6 hours of driving (including a refreshing lake swim) and we got into town late. We were both hungry and the thought of going far out to find a place to camp wasn’t ideal. The big modern Clarion Hotel right in front of us, on the other hand, was.

I think it was somewhere around here our budget for the weekend caught a trade wind and next thing we knew we were eating at fancy restaurants, drinking expensive wine, ordering drinks as we pleased and getting a 1,2 kilo fresh lobster for our camping barbeque.

Which of course, turned out to be the best grilled lobster I’ve ever had, at the most idyllic camping spot ever.

The next day we had lunch in the pretty coastal town Mandal before we headed back up to Kragerø Quality Spa Resort where we spent our last night. The hotel is located on cliffs with a stunning view of the fishermans town to which you can take a small ferry. We came in, the evening sun was still warm and we were happy to just relax in the pool, eat a nice dinner and share a bottle of wine in the restaurant as sun set beyond the hills.

I was bummed that my digital camera had stopped working on the way down and my DSLR camera ran out of battery the second day so I had to take pictures with my smart phone, which isn’t smart at all because it keeps shutting off, and couldn’t stop thinking how much better the pictures could have turned out.

High-tech or not, I think these pics give you an idea, just how awesome this roadtrip was.

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