The world can wait

Today I am catching up.

Catching up with sleep which there hasn’t been much of the last week.

Catching up with friends and family that have been trying to reach me.

Catching up with practical things such as the pile of laundry and the long list of to do’s.

And catching up, essentially, with myself.

I had slept 12 hours when I woke up this morning and still I was tired enough to doze off again after breakfast. I have been working and living hard lately, and I have totally neglected my need to recuperate. This week needs to be a quiet one, because soon my two best friends Bibi and Moa come to visit and maybe Maria too.

My friend Ryan from Vancouver was here three days. It was his 5th time in Oslo, Norway being only one of the 58 countries he has visited, but he was still excited to come and I think he was happy with his stay.

We walked around in the harbour, caught a ferry over to the small islands outside the city, had awesome picnics, chilled out in the park and went out with friends in Grünerlökka. He borrowed my card and took a free city bike to the Vigelandspark while I ran other errands or worked. We had a great time and soon he is off to San Francisco, a place I have been dying to go to for years.

We passed by an inspiring travel centre that had just about everything you need for avid travelling; smart gear, comfortable clothes and shoes, travel books and even one that was translated by Ryan’s friend who’s wedding he was here to attend.

I was reminded of my purpose to come to Norway in the first place; to save up money for a world trip.

But I am in no rush to leave.

I am in one of the most beautiful countries in the world already.