Bibi has gone back to Stockholm, Moa spends the night at her sister’s place and Charlotte at her boyfriend’s.

I’m alone in the apartment.

The bags and clothes that were spread out on the floor, the drinks and glasses on the kitchen counter, the boxes of make-up in the bathroom, and the many shoes in the hallway, are all gone.

I enjoyed the liveliness of having my friends around.

The walks, the talks, the indulging…

Moa came straight from Paris and brought the most delicious French macaroons. We walked around Aker Brygge, went up the Opera House roof and found ourselves at a Turkish Bakery in Grønland where we had baklava and coffee. In the evening Moa cooked awesome Indian food and after midnight we all crashed in my bed.

Yesterday night we had left over lentil curry, fried halloumi cheese with spinach and avo salad before going out.

We finished what was left of the Amaretto and met up with Geir that took us to an underground gay bar where we danced ourselves sweaty.

I like Oslo nightlife better than Stockholm.

There are plenty of really cool and laid-back bars and some great venues for live music. Sure, a drink costs as much as a meal but I don’t go out drinking that much anyway…

There is however, Frank Znort Quartet club night at BLÅ tomorrow, with the tag line:

“We Fuck Up Your Mondays”