Story time

You know, being here, isn’t just an everyday routine for me.

Like all the places I have lived I really take things in.

You don’t know this, but I put together phrases, sentences, expressions in my head all the time, of everything beautiful that surround me.

I could write a whole story about an ordinary day.

And in this story I would be the person to step out of Deli de Luca at St. Hans Haugen with a cup of moccha in one hand and an umbrella in the other. And I’d smile to myself as “raindrops keep falling on my head” ironically comes on in my headphones.

I would pass by my favourite flower shop and marvel over their bouquets of old pink roses and perfect orchids. The scent from white lilies would linger in my nose until I’d turn right by Wayne’s Coffee and continue to the square of St. Olavs Plass. From there I would head down Universitetsgata with the noble City Hall at the very end.

And I’d be one of many people going to work with umbrellas and rubber boots, but I might be one of few to acknowledge this as an amazing day in my life.

I have so many of these moments , these short stories.

I can flip through them and remember exactly what it felt like in random Septembers of my life; sitting on the back of a vespa, passing by the Colosseum in Rome on a warm late summer evening, biking to school in Båstad on a rainy autumn day or walking along Sea Point in Cape Town in the early spring.

Life moves in circles and appears in many ways.

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday. I have no idea where I will be for my birthday next year but I know tomorrow I’m celebrating it at Wallmans Dinner show with colleagues from work and later meeting up with my best friends Maria and Bibi who are both here in Oslo again and ready for a night out.

Today’s story is drawing to an end, and my body and mind needs its rest.

Thank you for reading, and for being a part of my life!

In all ways! 🙂