A friend-ship comes loaded…

I’m off today and my only plan is to have no plan.

Be grateful that you have so many people in your life, someone reminded me when I said that there had been too much social commitment over the last couple of weeks.

I shouldn’t complain. Even when I choose to be alone friends and family respect my decisions, even though they probably find me complicated.

I turned down ICEBAR on Saturday night when my brother, his girlfriend and two of our friends were here. 1:st of all, I’ve been to the original one in Jukkasjärvi and spent three weeks doing an internship there. 2:nd, I really can’t afford going out every weekend and 3:d, I was really tired.

Friday before work I took them up to Holmenkollen Ski Jump. It was the most stunning autumn day and the view over the city was amazing.

After work, I joined them again, at the hotel room I had chosen for them, with the balcony and the view of the National Gallery and we checked out 4-5 different bars around Youngstorget, before we walked back to the hotel at 4 in the morning. It’s become a tradition to hang around and chat with the night guard before I head home.

Sunday, we strolled around in Grunerlökka and had a coffee at Parkteatret before they had to get packing, and I had to start work. To thank me for hooking them up with a good hotel deal and to celebrate my belated birthday, they gave me a perfume I’ve wished for: Dolce & Gabbana perfume; The One Rose.

Having friends and family around isn’t bad after all…

Not even three weeks after their last visit Bibi and Maria came back to Oslo. Maria because she was starting a new job. Bibi to celebrate me.

They both arrived Thursday, on my birthday. Maria with a nice bottle of wine, Bibi with awesome cupcakes from Stockholm and my dear roomie Charlotte had left a big golden wrapped bottle of Champagne on our kitchen table.

There was a constant stream of hugs, kisses, birthday wishes, e-mails, phone calls and text messages that flowed through my heart that day.

Me and Challe were invited to Wallmans dinner show with colleagues but we managed to get tickets for Bibi and Maria as well. Everyone was in great spirits.

The weekend continued in awesomeness with shopping, markets, dinners and fireworks…

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I almost took them being here for granted.

Actually, Bibi has thoughts about moving here next year.

And Maria will move in with me and Charlotte next month.

Again, how can I complain. My ship has come in.