Putting thoughts into practise

The last day of September brought the last day of summer warmth.

I brought Maria up to the hill to celebrate her birthday.

I had prepared a barbeque and a cake with candles that we lit when it got dark.

The red wine brought back memories of Cape Town and all the good times we shared.

You know, she said, being here I feel a trace of the same kind of happiness…

That complete acceptance when you know you are exactly where you should be.

I could only agree.

And we drank to that and we drank a lot.

The next day we slept head to toe in my bed, until 2 pm, when Maria had to rush off to work.

I took a city bike at the station outside our block and biked aimlessly for 2 hours, before returning it to a station in Grönland, where I bought cheap vegetables at a market and walked the last bit home in the drizzling rain.

So happy.

I carry this great conception that coming here was necessary to where I want to go next.

Last year I was trying so hard to find a path and now it seems to be appearing clearly.

It’s almost ridiculously evident to me now that I needed this time to put all my thoughts into practice.

That I am excactly where I should be.