It’s the time of the season

As much as I’ve loved these past few weeks; the crisp air, the blue sky, the soft sun and all the shades of yellow-red leaves, I realize now that there are more leaves on the ground than on the tree tops and the temperature has dropped to the point where I can see my breath when I walk home late at night.

You can’t stop the seasons from changing.

It will start to get really cold soon. I just hope there will be more snow than rain this winter.

Me and Maria decided over our Friday candle-lit dinner, that this was how we were gonna stick it out: lots of candle light, red wine, movie-time and laughter.

If only we had a kitten, like my friend Hanna, the coziness would be complete.

Maria and I went to IKEA the other day and after trying out beds for more than an hour she came to the conclusion that a good night’s sleep was worth paying for and bought a bed big enough for three people. Naturally, I decided that she could have the larger bedroom and now, I’ve moved in to the smaller one. I got my bed from Charlotte’s boyfriend for just 200 kronor and it fits just fine in this room.

So now we are three ladies in the house, all working at Clarion Hotels, all enjoying our time in Oslo.

I have a feeling this winter will be alright.