Saturdays of our lives

Saturday night. High heels pacing down the street.

People chatting, drinking. Taxi cars rushing by.

And as usual: the sound of the neighbour’s foot steps, running around, stamping, stomping on the floor.

What the heck are they doing up there? Playing football? Practicing afro-dance?

Inside our apartment it is quiet though. Maria and I are too tired to talk.

We went out to Bar Vulkan yesterday, which somehow has become our hangout. The place is cool but casual, the music is fun without being corny and people are happy but not too drunk. And we’ve both found our equal share of eye candy behind the bar.

It didn’t help that we sang Total Eclipse Of The Heart at the top of our lungs; it was 3 a.m, they were closing down the bar and they wanted to go home, probably to their girlfriends. Maria and I continued our singing as we walked home to our flat, where Charlotte was already sleeping in her room, since she had to work Saturday.

I woke up just before 10 and remembered that we had made a breakfast Skype-date with Lorena, the third member of the Cape Town “chicas locas” team. Us girls have shared so much happiness, craziness and love that it warms my heart just thinking about it.

Although the Internet connection was bad and we had to talk through a microphone with one earphone each, it brought all those feelings right back. Lorena, who has moved to Cape Town permanently to be with her South African boyfriend, promised that when she and Darren one day gets married, Maria and I should be her bride’s maids. I can’t wait for the invitation.

We chilled out in the flat for a couple of hours, or actually, we got stuck in the kitchen talking about the challenges the world is facing, the changes that are happening, the plans and projects that we want to carry out and the wonder of the future that is yet to be experienced.

That is, a completely normal conversations for us.

We rushed to the free IKEA bus that leaves once every hour. We bought a mattress, ginger bread cookies and some towels, managed to miss the bus back with just a few minutes and had to wait for another hour. We got warm cinnamon buns and blueberry juice from the café and on the way back I fell asleep.

We were planning to make home-made pizza, but instead we just had cereals, watched sit-coms, and crashed in our beds.

A completely normal Saturday night. In our lives.

Right Here. Right Now.