When feeling the first signs of flu

The sky is pale, and so is my skin.

I’ve been low lately with signs of a flu coming.

But I’ve decided to listen to my body and treat it with all the goodness it needs, and I trust that the time of recovery will be short.

I went to yoga class on Monday evening.

I slept fifteen hours on Tuesday.

I made a spicy curry, lentil, carrot and ginger soup.

I called grandma.

I had a hot shower, let fresh air into my room, watched a movie (and cried a little)

I had lots of fresh ginger tea, lemon water and fresh fruit.

And chocolate ice-cream 🙂

I skipped all training for two days and walked slowly to work on Wednesday, dressed in warm socks, rubber boots, a cozy cardigan, scarf and hat.

And today, Thursday, I feel much better and although a little low, I feel alright.

We tend to get sick with the change of season and weather. It reminds us to slow down and listen to our bodies.

Good health is the foundation for every other possibility of life.

Treat yourself well.