Asa + Nneka = ♥

There is a World Music Festival happening in Oslo this week and Thursday two of Nigeria’s, I mean the World’s coolest, most beautiful, talented and soulful artists played at Parkteatret in Grunerlökka.

Asa and Nneka.

It was such a magic evening!

I had bought my ticket two months ago and the show was sold out. None of my friends had gotten tickets but I wouldn’t miss the show for anything, so I came to the venue early and managed to be the last out of 10 people to buy a ticket at the door. I called my friend Vanessa, who came rushing in a taxi just ten minutes later, super excited and quite drunk 🙂

I listened to Asa a lot in Cape Town back in 2009 and her song “Fire on the mountain” always brings back memories of Table Mountain summer fires and sunny days.

I just love her sound and her cool. 




Nneka I hadn’t heard except for some YouTube clips I checked out before going to the show.

She completely blew my mind with her cool rhymes, reggae beats, and powerful lyrics.

Please check these videos out and spread the love.