The art of (smiling while) tightrope walking

It’s almost 2 a.m but I can’t sleep.

I’m restless and…

I feel like a million emotions and thoughts are stirring within me, like a big soul pot I’ve kept a lid on lately.

I’m brimming with happiness, but I don’t know how to express it. Not here.

If only I was somewhere high up, far away where these kinds of emotions could be justified.

Where I could yell from a mountain top or sing by fields of sunflowers.

But Oslo in November? Really?

Yes, it turns out to be here, because here’s where I’m at.

Things are not over-the-top spectacular, but my life is good.

Sitting here in our little kitchen in St.Hanshaugen with my laptop by the window, stealing internet connection from the neighbour, naked trees outside and the heat turned up inside, things are really, really great.

Things are so great they are easily mistaken for guarantees.

But none of it is guaranteed:

  • My life, my breathing and existence.
  • My health, my body and the experiences I am able to have.
  • My friends and family, people in my life.
  • My assets, materialistically and personally

All this could be lost.

We walk a tight rope every day and yet we don’t realize…

These “things” are what keeps us balanced!

I care for these “things” and maybe that’s just why I’m smiling.

I feel balanced and ready to walk a long way!

But now, I will walk straight to bed…:)

Goodnight, whoever you are.