Practise taking action

Two of my best friends are going through a tough time. None of them can sleep properly, suffering from anxiety and stress. One is on anti-depressive pills. The other one, worries that getting professional treatment will be too expensive so she does nothing.

And like so many other young women, they carry the world on their shoulders every day, trying to look good, be smart, do well and please everyone around them.

My beautiful friend spilled tears in her coffee cup the other day, telling me that it just wasn’t the right time to get sick now.There was too much to do at work.

I tried to tell her that being sick was nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s just a sign that something needs to be changed.

We talked about things that did make her feel better and she mentioned some empowering books that inspire her.

– But of course, she said, I can’t actually practice the teachings in the book.

– Why not? I asked.

– I’d feel silly, she said with a smile.

But what is guidance for, if we don’t make the actual steps? How can anything ever change if we don’t act differently? A smart quote that you understand intellectually, but not practically, remains empty words.

It’s all about action!

As much as I feel for my girlfriends I know no one can really help them but themselves. Sure, I can listen and give support but the action to change and to heal can only come from within.

And they have to be willing to practice.

Practise letting the past go. Practise saying yes to the unknown and scary. Practise turning the TV off. Practise physical exercise. Practise meditation. Practise saving the last bit of the chocolate bar for later. Practise forgiveness. Practise thankfulness. Practice visualizing nothing less than a perfectly happy, relieved, complete version of yourself.

It’s possible.

What will you practice to get to where you really want to be?