Love, Love, Love! Ben Howard + Rich Thomas (Brother & Bones)

A beautiful weekend is drawing to an end.

Just as the countdown of this beautiful year is beginning with the first of Advent today.

I’ve lit a candle in my room, listening to the wind howling outside my window and letting the voice of the singer in Brother & Bones; Rich Thomas, fill the room.

He played before Ben Howard, at BLÅ yesterday and they were equally amazing!

Such talent and so much soul and sincerity. It was such a treat.

Love, Love, Love! Ben Howard sang and the crowd joined in.

Me, Hanna and Maria were all smiles.

Rich was such a nice guy when we hung out a bit after the show, or more accurately, when a group of us Swedish and Norwegian girls dragged him and Ben around Grünerløkka trying to find a pub that wasn’t too crowded.

After a while it was obvious that we were just too many girls pulling the poor boys in different directions, so Maria, Hanna and I said goodbye to Rich, but not before telling him how great he was, (better than Ben!) and receiving lots of hugs and kisses.

We ended the night at Vulkan like so many nights before. Actually, like the night before…oh well 🙂 I love my life!

And like Maria exclaimed with a toast during Saturday night’s dinner;

– We will never be more beautiful than we are right now!

– Oh, I turn more beautiful with each year, Hanna filled in and we all laughed about how great you can choose to feel about yourself.

How you feel inside will show on the outside.

And I feel full of Love, Love, Love!