Xmas market, still no snow

Maria stayed in bed today as I took a walk back to BLÅ and passed by Vulkan on the way.

I smiled at all the fun I had Friday and Saturday, but today was Sunday and wanted to see if I could find some Christmas gifts at the market.

I strolled around the stands, had a spring roll and a waffle. I called grandma which I normally do on Sundays and continued up to Grünerløkka , to one my favourite places in Oslo: Chillout Travel Centre, where I sat down for a coffee and read travel magazines.

I want to do a world trip in a year or so, but I know I don’t have enough money yet and actually, I wouldn’t want to leave what I have right now:

Living with two of my best friends, enjoying work, nature, music and meeting lots of wonderful people!

The only thing missing now is

pure, white snow glistening on these streets.