Welcome to inbetween land

Snow falls on this blog, but not in front of my eyes.

It 3 degrees plus outside and the sun sheds a soft golden light on the city.

Around 3 p.m. it will start to set.

A childhood friend from my home town came to stay for 3 days while looking for jobs in Oslo. She could have a job tomorrow if she wanted. Oslo is growing and in need of workers and us Swedes have a reputation of being reliable and service-minded.

Every 10th person in Oslo is Swedish and there isn’t a restaurant, café, supermarket or hotel that doesn’t have Swedish staff. Our languages mend together into “svorska”, a language with its own grammar and style.

I love being a part of this culture, this inbetween land of Sweden and Norway.

Norwegians are great, simple and honest, nature-loving people that see no point in working on Sundays when you can spend time in your country house or with your family.

When I moved here I had no idea Oslo was so popular and that in just 7 months I would have more than 10 people come visit me.

But I love showing them how I live:

Taking Carola around the bohemian area of Grünerløkka, to one of my favourite cafés Liebling, showing her the street art around BLÅ, the DOGA; Design and Architecture Centre, having lentil curry at home with Maria, taking her out to Café Mono for beers one night and bringing her to an art exhibition in Gamlebyen the other night.

It was an exhibition called En-Mascaradas by Lucía Yela from Madid, the sister of my friend Jorge who had arranged the exhibition together with my other friend Vanessa. The art was contemporary, beautiful and bright, with images portraying her Spanish origin mixed with Norwegian influences, portraying the relation of the past and present, the places we go to, culture and tradition, human needs and desires.


You can see it for yourself on Lucía Yela’s website.

She told me when she comes to Norway, she feels at home, and I told her she should move over here then. She is so talented and her art fits well into the Scandinavian scene.

Carola will probably be back in January. But tomorrow I think my friend Ryan from Canada comes back. Not sure if he’s staying with me this time, but Maria leaves for Sweden on Friday where my other room mate Charlotte has just come back from.

Welcome to inbetween land.