Employee of the Year, Cheers!

Saturday night at home: a big bowl of dark Belgian chocolate ice-cream and my “Acoustic Sounds – Live” Spotify Playlist.

I had a wild night yesterday that involved many Caipirinhas and a lot of dirty dancing at the balcony of Bar Vulkan.

Thursday evening my friend Ryan came over as a part of his Norway trip and we stayed up late and talked with Charlotte and Maria. Wednesday we had a Christmas party with work and Tuesday I went out for coffee and a movie with a new friend.

Needless to say, a private little evening on my own is just what I need.

The Christmas dinner with work was beautiful. Savoy is a small hotel with only about 25 staff members and almost everyone was there. We had a five course fish and seafood menue with great wine at Fjord, which is a part of Eik Restaurants; well known in Oslo and always busy. Karoline and I are having dinner at Eik in January as it was the prize of a little competition we had in the front desk, but I must say, having eaten at Fjord now, it has become my favourite.

Everyone was beautifully dressed up and the new manager held a speech and told us how proud she was of us.

She also revealed who had been voted “Employee of the Year –

The person with most energy, courage and enthusiasm”.

And it was….ME! 🙂

I was so honored and happy! I didn’t know what to say, except that it’s easy to smile when you enjoy your work. I got a weekend hotel giftcard for two + I get to attend the Nordic Choice Winter Conference in Stockholm in January. I’m so excited! We all toasted to the New Year and the great atmosphere that there is at the hotel.

We continued off to a show and some bars, ending the night around Youngstorget where I got the hots for the bartender at Justitien, although he was noticeably engaged and served me the worst shooter of my life: Sambuca, Vodka and Tabasco. Burned my throat for hours.

But now I’m having chocolate ice cream and all is well.

Another week passed by, snow is finally here, Christmas is drawing near and I’m completely happy!