Smiles and snowflakes

I can’t stop smiling. It’s been going on for two days now.

It’s everything.

From talking to a close friend the other day, remembering what a great thing we got, to the response I’ve had from store managers sponsoring the Christmas charity dinner we arranged tonight at my hotel for families exposed to domestic violence. Today I got two loads of stuff in a shopping cart and two full big bags. From being a rather small dinner almost 60 women and children came by.

And everyone was so grateful.

It’s all the hugs I got from the little children, it’s the friendly chats with guests, the gifts, the positive feedback I get several times a week, my colleagues who have become my friends. It’s the fact that even though I got two job offers today (seriously) I wouldn’t want to change jobs.

It’s the fact that I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, all my packing and arranged with my best friend to pick me up at the train station in my home town tomorrow night at 11 pm. It’s coming home.

Looking out my window now, white snowflakes are falling.

I just hope it doesn’t snow all night. I need to drag my suitcase to work in just four and a half hours. Which reminds me that I need to go to bed!

Maria says I laugh in my sleep.

Well I’m not surprised 🙂