So this is the New Year…

…and I’m drinking my favourite morning juice: freshly pressed orange juice, banana, fresh ginger, blueberries and vanilla soy milk.

The New Years Eve headache is almost gone.

I hadn’t made any major plans, having had a cold for a few days and feeling a bit off, but with an afternoon nap, some lipstick and a drink I was in good spirits, heading down to meet Karoline and Vanessa at Savoy. Julian came by and suddenly we were heading to a turkey dinner with his guy friends. Except when we got there at around 11 p.m the 7 kilo turkey was still in the oven, potatoes had not been peeled and sauce was a whole different chapter.

Me and the girls decided to ditch the guys and head down to see the fireworks by the City Hall. We managed to get a taxi and arrive there just before the strike of twelve. The bottle of champagne was popped, pictures were taken, hugs and cheers were all around. A few hours later me and Vanessa were slipping and sliding around Youngstorget in the new snow, laughing and making plans to go to Argentina. The closest we got was a Brazilian Bar.

I start work in 2 hours. Until then, I’ll be reading and writing and listing to music.

Not feeling any different from any other day.