The end of the World (as we know it)

2011 was a tough year for most parts of the World; the Arabic revolutions, Occupy Wall Street, famine and suffering in Africa, economic crisis in Europe and of course the terror attack and mass murder that took place here in Oslo.

What’s goin on? Marvin Gaye would have asked.

Well, for you who have seen the Zeitgeist movies, read Conversations with God or believe in the prophecy of the Mayan calendar: these are the changes they talk about:

The end of the World as we know it.

Nothing really begins or ends, but if you pay attention you can see signs of change: how we are tearing down systems that don’t serve us anymore and have started focusing more on our inner World.

We are beginning to grasp the power of thought and meaning of intention, creating new metaphysical patterns, start acting and moving towards an experience where all forms of Life are united.

And somewhere in this process transformation starts to take place, and maybe, just maybe, that is the end of the world as we know it.

I know it sounds fuzzy. But really, look at what we write on Facebook these days, how so many of us search for meaning and fulfillment in everyday life, expressing our every move. Why do we do that? What does all of this “connection” beyond borders and time mean?

Look at the spiritual movement, stretching from better self-esteem books, not to mention the huge success of books like Power of Now and the Secret, to the increasing popularity of yoga and meditation in our Western society.

I find these signs inspiring and I’m not afraid of the future, as all things are bound to change.

What saddens me though is to see how far astray we’ve gotten, with the consumption culture we live in today.

In the West we are fighting an old industrial equation where more/bigger/faster equals better, but we are paying a high price for quick pleasure.

Look how Mother Nature is suffering. We still don’t make the necessary changes to break this destructive pattern. I know for myself I eat very little meat, I walk or bike almost everywhere, I take trains instead of flying, I shop more and more eco-friendly and Fair Trade products and try to consume consciously. But even so, there are a ton of stuff I could do better, especially when I’m tired, hungry, lazy or in a hurry.

Unfortunately, I think we’re only seeing the beginning of storms, land eruptions, tsunamis, floods and drought. As sad is it is to see, I think this is our wake-up call and that disaster will bring us closer together, displaying our vulnerability and humility but also our strength.

In 2012 I will do my best to walk the talk, challenge myself and stay positive, loving, healthy and strong for this “New World” where our children can play.

Feel free to share your thoughts and perspective on this!

Love n’ Light,