Blue Monday

I didn’t realize what was wrong with this day until I read somewhere that it’s Blue Monday – one of the longest, most dull and boring days of the year – and you are supposed to cheer someone up.

Hmm, can I take a rain check on that?

I woke up late, with low energy and although it was my day off and there were a ton of stuff I should and could do, I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to pull myself out of bed.

My usual talk of seizing the day and all its possibilities appeared as bootless as a New Year’s resolution and from my bedside Anthony Robbins seemed to mock me with his flashing smile.

The most unhealthy things I could find in my cupboards were organic peanut butter, digestive crackers, brie cheese and fig marmalade, which I munched down by the kitchen counter. Imagine my joy when I found cinnamon buns in the freezer and a forgotten Starbucks Mocha Chocolate Latte in the fridge.

If I had a TV (or a living room) I’d spend the day zapping between sit-coms and commercials. If I were in a relationship chances are I’d pick a fight just to get some (re-)action. If I had internet access (damn neighbours aren’t online) I could watch silly YouTube videos or make strange emo-playlists on Spotify.

Oslo in January is just not much fun. Apart from being the most expensive city in the world, there isn’t even snow to enjoy. Just icy streets and sunlight for five hours (which I missed).

But later today Charlotte came home from celebrating her 30th birthday in London and she got hugs and macaroons. Maria came home from work and brought more cookies. And they both, just by being themselves, managed to cheer me up.

Now I’m off to the gym for the last chance to turn this day around, and hopefully, bring back better energy to my lovely room mates.

What have you done today to cheer someone up?