Where cold meets warm

It is minus 20 degrees outside. The air cuts like knives.

The 12 minutes it took for me to walk home from work today felt like forever with ice cold jeans rubbing against my sore thighs. If only there were thick layers of white, powder snow, like at home, the cold would at least be dense and settled and the wind wouldn’t blow so bitter and harsh.

Needless to say, we stay inside.

Me and Maria made red curry lentil soup and drank red wine which didn’t really match well but what the hell. We spoke about changes in the world, what we want in life, what makes a man and what turns women on. With a little more wine we got into trips we’ve done and experiences we’ve had, and how much beauty there is to see. We looked up cheap flight tickets to Istanbul or was it Budapest, either way, we started planning a trip to meet up with Lorena, who will be in Switzerland this fall, so we could even meet her on the border to Italy…

The evening ended with us listening to emotional music on Spotify and remembering:

Beautiful days when the sun shone bright on our smiling faces, when the warm breeze played in our hair as we cruised along down to Cape Point, where the freezing Atlantic meets the mild Indian Ocean.

Life is full of contrasts.

No need to label what is better or worse, no need to try and hold on.

Tomorrow, I’ll put on extra layers of clothing.