Coming out of hibernation

My days are like snowflakes: I wake up and they are there, around me, as I walk to and from work. Sometimes they are cold and in my face and I am trying to get where I’m going. Other times they are twirling beautifully around me and I stop and absorb the miracle of nature changing form. At all times, the snowflakes fall to the ground and melt away.

I’m trying my best to enjoy this winter, but I’ve been working so much and fallen into a routine where I basically eat and sleep.

I rarely get fresh air, or daylight.

No wonder I’m tired.

So today I decided to make it an energy boost day. I slept until I woke up from the buzz on the street outside. I got up and made myself coffee and a crisp bread sandwich with avocado and coriander. My room mate Charlotte was getting ready in the bathroom. I put music on loud and we danced around in our robes, and joked about how the Swedish term for “morning robe” translates to “morning rock”. How appropriate.

I talked to a couple of friends. I called my grandma who’s in the hospital since two weeks and she sounded better. I helped a friend out with her CV and checked for train tickets to go visit my little sister in Gothenburg.

And then I took a long walk around the city…

I walked around the designer shops in Vika and down to the trendy, over-priced restaurants by the harbor where I had coffee at Kaffebrenneriet with a half nude David Beckham spinning on a poster outside.

When I got home, my other room mate Maria told me how happy the little note I’d left had made her and then we discussed whether it would be best to buy an apartment in Sweden or Norway.

I went to a Shape Pulse class at the gym while Maria made us pesto and feta-baked salmon with salad, which we ate late in our little kitchen. Charlotte stayed over at her boyfriend’s since they are leaving for a ski trip this weekend.

Me, I’m invited up to Karoline’s cabin in a few weeks. Until then, I’ll just have to make the most out of what Oslo has to offer. And try not fall too deep into hibernation.

Tell me, do you feel you make the most of the seasons?