The Norwegian term “hyttetur” isn’t just about going to your country cabin. It’s a culture in itself, the core of the Norwegian lifestyle:

You work in an office all week, accounting business profits and setting up marketing strategics but by Friday afternoon your tie comes off and your Helly Hansen ski jumper comes on and soon you and your family are on your way to hytta with a loaded truck of food and skiing gear. You get to the cabin, stoke up a fire, pop a beer in your arm chair with the dog resting by your feet and you think to yourself that this is the life.

I was invited to my colleague Karoline’s hytta with three of her friends last weekend and we did it all: road trip up to Valdres with a jeep fully packed with food and beer, refreshing winter walks with the dogs, Norwegian moose roast and potatoes, red wine in front of the fire place, deep conversations and way too indecent topics, sturdy breakfasts, cross country skiing quests on half snow, jägermeister, drinking games, dance competitions to old 90’s disco hits, limbo and laughter.

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