Getting well, getting into the weekend

I’ve been battling a cold for almost two weeks now. Every time I’ve felt better and started working out again, or drinking less ginger tea it’s come back threefold. Yesterday I woke up with a swollen left tonsil, making it a pain to swallow and my left ear aching. So I stayed home from work and stayed in bed and got back to drinking plenty of tea, water and soup. In the evening I felt a lot better and even had some normal food and sweets, which probably wasn’t the best idea as it had me coughing all night.

I want to get well because I’m going to visit my little sister in Gothenburg this weekend. I haven’t seen her since Midsummer last year which is insane but I guess with her studies in Gothenburg and my work in Oslo we just haven’t had any time before now, although we live less than a 3 hours train ride from each other. In fact I’m going to deliver her Christmas present…although it’s actually closer to her birthday now.

The weather has been completely unpredictable lately with sunshine and 15 degrees one day and temperatures just above zero the next. No wonder we get sick.

Alright, I need to get packing, and I need to get well.

Have a great weekend, people!

Love n’ Light,