Clarion Hotel Post – not your average hotel

I just got back from a two days Kick Off Conference at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg with my new front desk manager, Karoline. It was two intense, really inspiring days with Nordic Choice – as usual. We spoke about the future of Nordic Choice, service and oratory skills , web- and mobile solutions, organizations-structures and challenges (with Torbjörn Nilsson – Swedish coach and former professional soccer player). And we had a lot of fun.

I was excited also because my best friend Frida was staying at the hotel with her family so we had a chance to meet up quickly and I got to have breakfast with her wonderful children, Mio and Minna – the day after I had been hanging out in the bar until closing time. I wonder what people must have thought…

Clarion Hotel Post was just as impressive as I had expected, not because of its luxury; the 1 million Euro pure Orrefors Swedish crystal front desk, the roof top pool (which I unfortunately never had the time to visit) the huge beauty salon, the SPA or the 75 000 kronor suite…BUT for it’s genuine character and Gothenburg spirit; the mix of old and new, the well-preserved 1920’s post office look, the laid-back average-worker approach with cheap after work-beer and hot dogs-menu, simple but classy “sharing” food and a “living-room concept” that doesn’t feel snobby or pretentious.

As owner, chair-man and entrepreneur Petter A. Stordalen said in his inauguration speech:

I want you to have your first date at Post, celebrate you wedding day, make babies at Post, make history!

Below are some film clips from the grand opening. You can see that Clarion Hotel Post isn’t your average hotel, just as Nordic Choice isn’t your average hotel chain, and Petter Stordalen, certainly isn’t your average leader.

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Here’s if you want to visit Clarion Hotel Post