Work worth while

It’s midnight and I just got back from work. I should go straight to bed because I start 7 a.m tomorrow again.

But I feel inspired to write and actually, that is something I experience more and more seldom these days. I’m too busy living.

I have only four days off in the entire month of April, so it’s safe to say I spend a lot of time at work. But I really don’t mind. I enjoy every meeting with a guest, the regulars as much as the tourists. I care for them and I honestly want to give them the best experience during their stay. I take every inquiry seriously and I probably outperform some of my service tasks, but isn’t that what service is about? To go that extra mile. At least for me, it is satisfactory to know that I have made a difference. And I think that’s why my hotel manager asked me to hold a “service boost” presentation at our last staff meeting. I looked out on all my wonderful, supportive, colleagues and friends, and I thought to myself that every person is so unique and has so much to offer.

I don’t only spend my time within the walls of the Hotel Savoy. Today I spent almost all day within 10 metres from the hotel! This morning I had a look at the Design Forum store opposite Hotel Savoy and Norli bookshop before I met up with my friend Malin at the newly opened restaurant and cafè Elias Mat & Sånt on the other side of the street. I greeted the friendly waitress and told them I worked at the Savoy and was there to see if we should send people over. When the food arrived I was convinced. A delicious smoked salmon with porched egg, dijon mustard potato salad and greens. I’m sad to say you don’t often get food with finesse at mid-range restaurants in Norway, but this was just what I wanted. They have elk-stew specials on Fridays for just 95 kronor which is about a third of the price you’d pay at any other restaurant. So it’s definitely a place for tourists to enjoy good food to a reasonable price.

Me and Malin spent a great couple of hours catching up on the dating scene, the summer plans, the gossip from back home and our future dreams. We agreed that Oslo was great, but that it’s probably wise to get out of the bubble once in a while. Get some perspective. A lot of the times I feel everything is about consumption and careers in this city and that there’s too little soul and time for reflection. My uncle always used to joke that he’d rather cry in a Ferrari than a Volkwagen. I’m not too sure.

At work today a lady called from Germany and told me her sister was staying at the hotel and it was her birthday tomorrow. She knew it was late but she wondered if I could arrange some flowers and a cake for tomorrow morning. I said of course, but suddenly remembered that most supermarkets, flower shops and bakeries are closed on Sundays unless they open at noon, by which the guests would have checked out. I contemplated baking a cake and taking flowers from home.

But when I finished work I saw that my favourite convenient store Susan’s Deli was still open. The foreign men cheered when I came in, they know me by now. I told them they were angels for keeping open and I got a good deal on orange roses and a lemon and chocolate cheesecake.

I also took a turn into the Caribbean restaurant Lemongrass, just opposite the Savoy and spoke to the waiters. We are having a staff dinner there on Wednesday so I thought I’d see if we could get some discount, seeing we do have the power to bring them guests. They promise they’d arrange something.

I walked home with the roses in my hand and the cake in a box, as people were playing party music from open balconies, but I was fine knowing I’d get home for just a few hours sleep.

I get so much energy from doing what I do, it can keep me going for a lot more.