There’s hope for organic mojitos

It’s almost May but the cold winter air lingers. There’s a sort of in between stage, a standstill in the way the sprouting trees stand half sprung and waiting. Makes me think of the beautiful poem by Karin Boye, posted in Swedish below. It goes something like…

“surely it must hurt when buds burst, why else would spring hesitate”

And we wait…..

We wait for warm breezes. For sunshine on our faces. For colours to come alive. For birds to sing and bees to buzz. For picnics in the park and the hopes of romance.

…but not in vain.

Maria left me a little note in the kitchen the other day:

Good morning sunshine!

Thanks for doing some of my laundry! Work-out today!

A good day for plants to grow! There’s hope for organic mojitos!

I feel like the sprouting trees, stretching towards the sky.

I feel a change coming.

And I feel like having mojitos!