After rain comes sunshine

The rain is pouring outside and all I want to do is eat chocolate in bed.

That’s not entirely true. I want to be curled into my man’s safe embrace, feel his firm hand on my breast and his warm breath in my neck while he feeds me with chocolate…

But I don’t have a man.

So I settle for the chocolate.

It’s been such a busy week at work, with the hotel being fully booked every night, just like all the other central hotels in Oslo, we’ve had to lay a new puzzle every day and work almost around the clock. May is apparently a good month for business.

To me, May means a lot of fun.

There is the annual Holmenkollen Relay Race tomorrow and I am one of 40 000 participants.

We are fifteen people from Hotel Savoy & Bastion running different laps around the city to raise money for Rainforest preservation. And to enjoy a free bar at the party afterwards…

Next week Norway celebrate their National Day at the 17th of May and no doubt they’ll do it in style this year as well. What’s great is that my little sister and her boyfriend will be here to enjoy it with me! Even though I have to work, I’ll still see a lot of them as they will stay at my hotel for three days.

The week after that I go to Gothenburg for two days to see my best friend Frida (and perhaps my sister again if there’s time) where we’ll stay at another Clarion Collection hotel, before I head down to the picturesque summer town, Båstad, where I graduated from a tourism and service management class in 2007. And now, we are having a reunion! Words can’t describe how excited I am to catch up with my old class mates and best friends!

It sounds almost silly, but I’ll head back to Oslo for only two days of work before I go on a three weeks holiday, starting May 31st in Stockholm!

Now I’ve lived most of my grown up life in Stockholm so the city always feels familiar, even though friends move or have families, there’s always a place for me to stay. My best friend Bibi has got a new flat so I’ll crash at her place for a few nights before my wonderful mother comes down and we’ll check into yet another Clarion Collection hotel (I get good discounts) for two nights.

5th of June we’re flying to sunny Sardinia.

Sooo….I think I can stand a little rain…