The “uncomfortable” truth

Saturday night and I’m sitting in my little kitchen eating spinach and coriander soup, listening to Leonard Cohen. The window is half open and it strikes me how green the trees have become, how bright the evening is.

The chair I’m sitting on is one of those uncomfortable, cheap, foldable IKEA chairs and I can’t say the rest of the kitchen is very cozy either, although with time, pieces of us have began to personalize our home; Charlotte’s funny notes on the fridge, Maria’s little radio (there is no TV) my Italian mocha machine, expensive coffee beans, cheap wine.

And it strikes me how random it all is. Like my life.

Maria, who just got back from a (random) weekend in Paris, had a friend over for dinner tonight and after some really strong Chilian Pisco Sour cocktails they were ready to head out.

Me, I decided to stay home and get rid of my cold.

It’s been a few busy days with my sister and her boyfriend. No wonder I’ve gotten sick really, running around town in the rain one day, having drinks in ice-glasses in minus five degrees at the ICEBAR…

standing at the rooftop of the Grand Hotel in the chilly evening breeze and onto the beaming sunshine on the Opera House roof the next day…

and the crowds of people celebrating Norway’s National Day.

But it was worth it. I’m so glad my sister came to see where I live and what I do.

I wonder sometimes if other people think as much as me, about where they are, physically and mentally. Or if it just me that watch my own steps like a stranger, excited about where they have lead so far, and where they’ll take me next.

Do other people also walk home after a day at work and think, that it’s been an alright day in their lives? And do they observe their surroundings as if their eyes were camera lenses taking pictures for their “here, now” album?

I’ve gotten used to moving.

I know in a future not too far from now, I’ll spend my Saturday night in a much more comfortable chair…

But that won’t automatically make my life any more comfortable

than it is right ♥ now.