Che bella giornata!

Buongiorno bella!

…che bella giornata oggi!

Il mare è sempre più blu…

I’m lazing away the days on a beach in Porto Taverna,

where the water is as clear as a swimming pool

and the warm breeze as soft as silk on my skin.

Skin that is slowly changing shade from winter pale to summer bronze.

Time and day doesn’t matter anymore, we let the natural rhythm of the sun awake us in the morning, our bellies decide when it’s time to eat and the sound of the ocean rock us to sleep at night.

The little cute apartment with the terrace overlooking the turquoise sea has everything we need; two beds, a big wardrobe, fridge and freezer, a very nice bathroom and a kitchenette where we make our meals.

A cappuccino in the morning before I go for a run, some yoghurt with drizzled honey and hazelnuts for breakfast, prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil for lunch, local little Sardinian biscuits and espresso in the afternoon and for dinner we might cook up some spaghetti alle vongole, share a chilled white wine or enjoy a red wine and slices of parmeggiano.

There is so much goodness to be had!

And we have more than a week left of La Dolce Vita.

I forgot my USB cable for the camera so I’ll have to show you pictures later, but trust me, it’s all beautiful.

Porto Taverna is a bay about 45 minutes south of the much more extravagant Costa Smeralda. We will probably make some trips up there later on, but for now we are enjoying the simplicity and comfort of this place.

We’ve become friends with the maintenance man, originally from Morocco, who has been kind enough to give us a ride into the nearest towns a few times, as well as some of the restaurant staff and bar people who kindly offers a free glass of wine or local liquor and some small talk . As for tourists there aren’t many. A few families and couples, mostly Italians.

My italian is surprisingly intact. I studied the language for three years in high school, took an advanced course in Rome ten years ago, dated an Italian for eight months and use some basic sentences every now and then at work.

There are two cats that come to our terrace which mom talks to and feed delicacies.

Tomorrow, we might take a boat trip out to the island of Tavolara, the mountain we gaze out on every day.

That’s about the most exciting news I have for now.

A dopo, amici! 🙂