It’s our last day in the Sardinian sun.

Tomorrow me and mom pack up our stuff and leave Porto Taverna, which has been casa nostra for two weeks. No more lunches at the veranda overlooking the beach and the crystal clear water, no more hanging around the the local restaurant, chit-chatting with the staff which I’ve made friends with and even been out partying with. (Photos later, I promise)

Without them these two weeks had surely turned out different.

A place is never as beautiful as when you fill it with love, laughter and life long memories.

My friend wondered why I was so quiet, as we were driving on the little desert road that leads down to the beach, and I said, that a certain point before leaving a place, one always reflect on the experience and starts to look at what’s ahead.

I feel my mind starts to drift at what’s to come…

Five days in my home town, catching up with my childhood friends, biking around the Swedish summer landscape, celebrating midsummer, fields of flowers and that Northern breeze which freshness always amaze me when I’ve spent a long time abroad.

A week from now, I’ll be back in Oslo, in the flat with my two wonderful room mates that makes it a home. How I miss them girls!

From there, it’s two months work at the Savoy and hopefully some summer fun.

Come September, I’m off again, like a bird across the seas.

But now, I am here and the sun is shining and Italian music is playing from the bar, people have start to gathered on the beach, and it’s another beautiful day.