June becomes July

Fresh summer days and bright summer nights pass by.

Day by day, June is left behind.

What a month!

Catching up with friends in Stockholm, Hudiksvall and Rättvik. Friends with children, friends who are getting married, and friends that remain the same.

A beautiful midsummer celebration with my brother, his girlfriend and our mutual childhood friends, in my dad’s big house in Dalarna.

Midsummer traditional dancing, home-made pickled herring, snaps and riding “raggarbil” at 5 a.m in the sunny morning.

Our dad was away on holiday so we had the house to our selves and apparently we fit 9 people in there without any trouble and without even bothering our grandmother and her husband living next door.

I was glad I got to see both my grandmothers on my vacation.

And of course, all the quality time spent with mom in Sardinia.

My mom had offered me this trip for my upcoming 30th birthday. I knew she wouldn’t accept money in return so I wanted to give her something special for her 60th. She has been looking for the perfect watch for years and haven’t found it, but I did, in an old Italian watchmakers’ store probably passed on for generations. The watch had everything she looked for, and she was so surprised, and so happy when I gave it to her, during our last dinner in Porto Taverna.

We are already planning our next trip to Italy…

But first I got my big trip to think about and save money for, so for now, I am back in Oslo working. I’ve taken on some extra hours at the Savoy and planning to keep it simple in July. Maria has moved out of the flat and me and Charlotte leave in 3 weeks. A friend who is on holiday in August has offered me to rent her place for the remaining weeks until I start my trip. Mom and my brother will probably come fetch me, so no more long hours on trains.

As for Oslo, it’s good to be back and in some kind of routine…which always gets interrupted by what’s called life.

Wednesday I was out for dinner and drinks with Maria and Charlotte, Thursday I met up with my friend Ryan who was here for a few days, and Friday we had a big staff summer party at my manager’s house. We had such a good time that me and Karoline didn’t leave the house until noon on Saturday. I went straight to work.

Day by day, another month has started.

Time flies so I better spread my wings.